Getting Money For Child Support

When someone owes you child support and won’t work to make the payment or simply refuses to pay anything, it can be frustrating. It’s hard to raise a child on your own in most cases, but when you know that someone else is supposed to help you and doesn’t, then it can make the situation a bit more difficult.


Offices like Cook County child support enforcement will send notices to the parent who is responsible for making the payments, taking that parent to court if needed in order to get money paid to the custodial parent.

Questions arise about what you can do in situations that involve enforcement and the overall child support process. The best thing that you can do is talk to an attorney to get help if a local social services department won’t help. There are a few different ways that support enforcement can be done. A letter is often sent first to give the noncustodial parent a chance to make a payment without going to court. Sometimes, this works as the parent might forget to send in a payment without realizing that one is due. This happens if the parent does work all the time and simply gets caught up in daily activities. The payment would then be made and sent to you for the child.

Withholding money from wages is also an option. This would guarantee that money is sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis as long as the parent continues to work. If the parent quits or gets fired, then it’s important to get another letter sent out to have money continuing for the payments before the amount adds up to one that can’t be paid. Child support can be taken from a federal or state tax refund. This is often done if there is a substantial amount that needs to be paid. However, this method requires that the parent file a return, and if the parent gets paid in cash each month, it would be easy not to file. If the parent doesn’t make a child support payment, then jail would be an option until the payments are made. Sometimes, the parent can make a minimal payment to get out of jail, but most of the time, the bond amount is the amount that needs to be paid for the support. Once the bond is made, that money is sent in for the support payment.