Tips For Bail Bonds

When someone you know is in jail, it’s hard to figure out what to do in the first few hours. One of the things that you might want to try is to call a bail bondsman. This is a person who can help get the person out of jail and home until the court date. If the court date comes and the person doesn’t go, then a warrant will likely be issued. The person would then usually have to spend the original time in jail and possibly face new charges for missing the hearing. There are a few tips to keep in mind before trying to secure Allegheny County bail bonds that could save you money if you don’t think that the person would go to court.


If you are the person who is in jail, you want to call a bondsman as soon as possible. There is likely a phone available for you to make a call to a bondsman, but some facilities will limit the number of calls that you can make. It’s sometimes best to call a family member who can then call several people to find the best rate for getting you out of jail.

Ask about the percentage that needs to be paid in order to get out of jail. Some offices will only charge 10 percent while some will charge as much as 20 percent of the bond amount. At times, the office might not even help with bailing someone out of jail if the crime is severe or a large amount. If the person doesn’t have ties to the community, then the bail might be higher, or the office might not see that the person has a chance of going to court compared to someone who has family in the town and a job. At times, there is a wait for getting the paperwork completed. However, most offices will do everything possible to secure the release within a few hours of the bail amount being paid to the bondsman. A credit card or cash is likely the best way to pay a bondsman, but some will take a car title or property title if it’s the only thing available.